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"We see ourselves as Q to the 007s. We provide the bulletproof toolkit but we are not the real heroes. We provide a digital care management system to make work in care easier, simpler, and more efficient."

Team Sekoia

50 million recordings every year

90 minutes saved per shift

30,000 daily activities

Our Promise to You

We provide a care management system flexible enough for any care service. With the latest industry standard templates to choose from.

A timeline of key events in Sekoia's history

"Most of our users say they 'went into care' to spend time with people and support them on their way. This is essentially what we're here for. By making your recordings easier and focused on the individuals you support."

Neha Mehta, Head of Customer Success
From social care illiterates to innovating the sector. We’ve come a long way since founding Sekoia in 2011. Ups and downs have brought us to where we are today where we operate in Denmark, Sweden, and the UK.

And we are only getting started.

Save the (Sekoia) Trees!

Good for your ESG bottom line too. A typical nursing home saves 30,000 sheets of paper by switching to Sekoia? That's 2-3 trees. Each month!

We provide a care management system flexible enough for any care service. With the latest industry-standard templates to choose from so it’s easy to get started.

That’s been our goal for more than a decade now. To enable care.
Across nations, care workers that use Sekoia have saved thousands of hours and trees by going digital. 50 million recordings a year are logged in Sekoia. All with a clear audit trail and easy to find.

We are proud of that but the real heroes of the story are the frontline workers. We just provide them with a bulletproof toolkit.

Supporting amazing organisations

Why the name Sekoia?

We chose to name ourselves after the massive Californian Sequoia tree. Like those guys, we want to be the reliable backbone of your care delivery and provide the foundation for you to spend more time and resources caring for the people in your service.

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