About Us

At Sekoia, we see ourselves as Q to the 007s that are the frontline staff. We believe they are heroes in their own right, and as such, they need a bulletproof toolkit.

Why we are called Sekoia

We chose to name ourselves after the gigantic Californian Sequoia tree. Like these guys, we want to be the reliable backbone of your care delivery and provide the foundation for you to spend more time and resources caring for the people in your service.
Without understanding the context of care workers, it's impossible to enable care. That's why all new employees venture to a care home to see how Sekoia is used and which problems we help solve.

This way we have come a long way since we were social care illiterates. In fact, some of us have a background in health and social care. From nurses to registered managers. Even though we have different backgrounds one thing keeps us on the same path. That same aspiration to enable care.

And, we are big time beer lovers and even had a go at brewing our own Sekoia IPA. See how that went in the video.

4 Countries

Sekoia is in Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, and the UK

3 Offices

Our HQ is in Denmark, but we're also in London and Stockholm

2 Time zones

We know how to deal with time zones. Both in terms of our product and support

1 Mission

To enable care

Supporting amazing organisations