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Body Maps

You no longer need to look for that one piece of paper to document injections or pain relief patches. A picture says more than a thousand words after all.

CQC Compliant

Easy to use

Automatically generated log

Mark exactly where you made the injection

A digital version makes it much easier to find. Always at hand. Always with a complete history of past registrations.

Doing this on paper is by no means bad. There’s just an added risk of blurry mistakes. Or papers that go missing. Also, these don’t get updated as often as they should. Unlike their digital counterparts, there’s a consistent information flow, a safe process that documents good quality care. 

Any type of image can be uploaded. Simply mark exactly where you’ve made the injection. Or where the pain relief patch was placed. It’s easier to keep track of each individual care effort. In a format that’s easy to understand for everyone.