Easy and safe registrations of fluids - Sekoia

Easy and safe registrations of fluids

Working with Fluids in Sekoia

How to register fluid intake in Sekoia

Choose resident

Which resident are you working with?

You can register fluid intake directly from the Task list in Sekoia. First, choose the resident you want to register fluid for.
What type of fluid

What type of fluid did you offer?

After selecting the resident you’ll be asked to provide a few details. First, document how much fluid has been offered to the resident. Then specify what type of fluid was offered. It could be water, juice, or a cup of tea. Add the time the fluid has been offered.
How much was consumed?

How much was consumed?

To complete the registration, document how much fluid has been consumed. If the resident drinks a glass of water while you’re there it’s easy to make the registration. However, we know reality is not always as straight-forward. In reality, you might place a jug of water in the resident’s room. Then it wouldn’t make any sense to wait around for them to drink it all. Rather, it would make sense to check in later.
Register at a later time

Register how much is consumed at a later time

That’s easier said than done though. You’re probably busy with other care activities. Or the registration is being done through multiple shifts. Here, Sekoia automatically creates a task to remind everyone on the floor that the fluid intake needs registering.

View of fluid targets

Choose a daily target for fluid consumption and pull reports

Using your computer, you can do the following in Sekoia:

  • Choose daily fluid targets for residents in ml
  • Pull a report showing the fluid intake for one or more residents in any given time period

The daily targets can be adjusted easily if the need arises.

The report can be exported as either a PDF-file or a CSV file. To be easily saved on your computer or to print out. The report will both show fluids offered and consumed giving a complete overview of all your work with fluid distribution.