Anne-Sophie de Dreuille: Connecting generations through tech

Anne-Sophie de Dreuille: From user to country manager connecting generations | Tech Care S4 E2

Interview with Anne-Sophie de Dreuille

We are joined by Anne-Sophie de Dreuille for the 2nd episode of Season 4!

Just like Famileo, Anne-Sophie is from France but their product is now flying high over Britain. As a former user of Famileo herself, Anne-Sophie was an enthusiastic applicant making her way forward with a tech in sector close to her heart.

She explains how simple but impactful the company’s concept is. How it encourages younger generations to contribute and help transform communication with our loved ones.

We ask her how care professionals perceive the concept in the UK and how the app and the newspaper actually work.

Being an international, we are eager to learn about cultural differences and similarities between the different countries and markets for Famileo. You might be surprised based on the usual stereotypes…

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