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Caroline Bartle: Pioneering dementia care in New Zealand | Tech Care S4 E6

Interview with Caroline Bartle

We’re joined by an old friend, Caroline Bartle, straight from New Zealand for the 6th episode of Season 4!

Caroline is a pioneer and dementia care specialist. She has been working in social care, training and dementia for more than 30 years. So we reckon she’s a proper legend!

As the Founder and CEO of 3Spirit UK, it was a rather life-changing move going to live and work in New Zealand with her family, having fallen in love with the country years back.

Caroline takes us through the pillars of her work and what she’s learned throughout the years, with tech playing a rather big role, alongside implementation, compliance and a few dream projects. And of course, we get to hear some insights from Down Under where Caroline is currently working for Ryman Healthcare and finishing her PhD.

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