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John Powell: 3 Perspectives on Tech in Home Care | Tech Care S4 E3

Interview with John Powell

We are joined by John Powell for the 3rd episode of Season 4, but he didn’t come alone today!

The moment we invited John to Tech Care he wanted to add more voices to the session. Something we love! To provide a more holistic perspective on digital social care. So, we’re also joined by Lee and Sophie sharing their experiences as family and team members in the Unicare Devon community.

John has been the director of the company since its first day back in 2009. Successfully embracing technology in their services., and we’re pleased to see this from the point of view of both a director, a family member, and a carer.

Tune in if you would like to hear their stories, what they’ve learned throughout their care tech journey and what they recommend to consider when it comes to implementing software.

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