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Malcolm Fisk: Who’s in control? (The good old man vs. machine)| Tech Care S4 E1

Interview with Malcolm Fisk

Tech Care is back for a 4th Season!

Season 4 brings new Tech Care stories. We go abroad in more episodes and try to go deeper into some complex issues. Such as the first episode, where we’re joined by Malcolm Fisk, who is a Professor of Ageing and Lifecourse at the University of Central Lancashire.

Working with social theory, Malcolm shares how we – as human beings – interact with technology and machines. And have done so throughout history. He introduces the big dilemma that we’re currently facing in a somewhat man vs. machine discourse: Are we controlling the development of technologies or we are controlled by it?

As a hot topic right now, we talk about the use of AI and how we can (if we can) control or even leverage it. How can health and social care tackle the introduction of AI at a much higher level and rapid pace?

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Tech Care!

PS: AI is used in this episode! Due to technical issues with Sangha’s recording, we have used voice cloning for her voice to save the episode. We know it’s quite ironic; maybe a case where we lost control and regained it using AI.

Links to stuff we talk about:

The novel Brave New World  by Aldous Huxley:

The film Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg: