Peter Julius: Innovation Globetrotter from Denmark to Japan- Sekoia

Peter Julius: Innovation Globetrotter from Denmark to Japan | Tech Care S4 E4

Interview with Peter Julius

For this 4th episode of Tech Care, we are joined by Morten’s fellow Dane, Peter Julius.

Peter is the CEO of Public Intelligence and we catch him while he is in Japan, working innovation wonders in Tokyo.

Having worked with social care for many years, Peter shares his insights from Scandinavia, the UK and Japan regarding those technologies that he both sees as fundamental and emerging.

Japan has a special place in Peter’s heart and business – with the oldest population on earth around 10% of citizens are at least 80 years old. You can imagine what that does to the public sector in all aspects of delivering good quality care. And the challenges that need overcoming. Peter also lets us in on some of the main differences he sees in tech, business life, culture, regulation and innovation.

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