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Victoria Buyer: Controversial or not: Covid sparked digitalisation | Tech Care S4 E5

Interview with Victoria Buyer

We’re joined by Victoria Buyer, Sangha’s infamous gig partner, for the 5th episode of Season 4!

Victoria is the Managing Director of Buyer Consulting and a Chair member of Age UK Lancashire.

With a vast knowledge of social care and a not-so-likely route into our sector, Victoria has some bold statements about what’s good and what’s bad. Something we like! We talk about how a crisis also opens for change and what kind of impact for instance Covid had. In some ways even beneficial.

We asked her about tech and what she sees from the side of care organisations changing. Victoria also shares her vision for the future of care and her expectations. Recently, she went back to Uni and told us how she’s coping so far. All these stories on her birthday!

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