Our Approach to Implementation - Sekoia

Our Approach

Sekoia is easy and intuitive to use. Care staff will only need little training. However, making sure everything is working optimally requires some attention. We have many templates and all the experience needed to get you going. No matter which care setting you operate in.

Covid-19 adapted implementations

Widely used across multiple service settings

Emphasis on training and onboarding

"When the word “Sekoia” was mentioned the immediate response was NO! But then we had the first training session and the feeling was completely reversed. Nothing can go wrong. It just works. Everyone can use it."
Jane, Care Worker
Status Meeting

Status Meetings

We don't just leave our customers on their own. That's a recipe for disappointment. That's why we schedule a status meeting every 6 months. To make sure everything lives up to your expectations. The topics cover everything Sekoia. From technical stuff to feature requests and best practices. It's up to you.
Product Communication and Releases

Product Communication & Releases

We are always moving the needle forward when it comes to our product. Every two weeks, we release new features. Besides traditional release notes, we also offer a webinar where we showcase the new features and answer any questions you might have. Additionally, we also notify you what we will be creating for the next two weeks.
Super-User day

Super-User Day

We recommend gathering all super-users yearly. Both as a refresher course and as a way of realigning the way you use the system. It's also a great time to implement new Sekoia features in your daily work with the system since everyone is gathered the same place.
Managers network

Managers' Network

Twice a year we gather the managers from our different customers. The goal is for the managers to share best practices with each other. For inspiration and networking. We only facilitate the event so the agenda is up to you to define.

This is how we do implementation

Getting Started

When you choose Sekoia, we start by mapping your specific challenges and requirements. This helps us tailor the care planning to match your documentation needs. Once complete, we begin training your team.


During the training and implementation stage, the Sekoia team will be supporting your staff, making the transition to Sekoia seamless. You’ll only go live when every member of your team feels ready, and we’ll be with you at every stage of this journey.

Sekoia Universe

We’ve created a dedicated page with suggestions and best practices to get the most out of Sekoia. Here, you can find guides and videos about all features in Sekoia as well as get an in-depth explanation of why each function is built the way it is.
"Sekoia has overcome so many of our frustrations by having a clean, intuitive interface and one which we have been able to customise to the scale of our Home and to the ways in which we deliver care."
Tim Whalley, Director at Birtley House