How we make sure you are comfortable using Sekoia


All Sekoia users should feel comfortable within the confines of the system. To ensure that, we focus on training super users. They will be your internal Sekoia experts. All other users will be up and running with just 2 hours of training.
"Implementation was easier than expected. Having Sekoia on site for days including an overnight session to train the night staff meant that an intensive but short induction was provided to everyone. Excellent engagement from our staff helped a lot and everyone sensed this was a great opportunity to improve things."
Tim Whalley, Director at Birtley House

Onboarding Users

Super User Training

All systems rely on their users. And improve with good ambassadors. Super users are just that. They promote the outcomes and support their colleagues.

Employee Training

Training sessions are made to test out the system in a safe environment. Potential concerns or questions are addressed. And then you're live.


Go-Live is the culmination of the implementation. We like to sit in here, to answer any questions or insecurities that might occur. Across all shifts!

“Brilliant app allowing staff to record support offered to individuals in real-time. Training for staff was done very professionally and roll out went smoothly with staff having all the knowledge prior to implementation and feeling confident in using the app. Overall great experience!”

-Katarzyna Wrobel, Service Manager at Woodview (Active Prospects)


“Even though we had 24 hours support when we went live with Sekoia after a couple of hours since you had trained us so well and the system works so well, we didn’t really need it.”

-Clair Davies, Operations Director and Registered Manager at Nexus Programme

That Feeling

Just wanted to thank you all for your continued support throughout the Implementation process and mainly throughout the go live process. I have had so much great feedback from staff who have used the system in the last 2 days and they already feel it is having a positive impact on the residents and themselves.
Gemma Broth, Registered Manager