Easily Accessible and Up-to-Date Care Plans - Sekoia

Seamless transition from plan to activity

Link residents' care plans to individual notes and assessments. And build evidence to automate your care planning.

The Plan feature in short

Available at point-of-care

No missed reviews

All care activities linked to a plan

"We are now generating a quality of care records that we never had before and have given our staff the information they need quite literally in the palm of their hands. I think it is extremely powerful that the care staff can access the detail of a residents care plan directly from their mobile device in real time."
Tim Whalley, Director at Birtley House

How it works

Plan overview

Streamlining care planning

Automating how you build evidence on care plans highlights the purpose of the individual activity. With Sekoia you easily connect activities to their overarching plan. Streamlining documentation and guiding staff in their work.
Common language around the resident

Shared terminology and understanding of the resident

When everyone has access to the same information, a common understanding about each resident can more easily be formed. It's easy to work with structured frameworks such as PRSB, SNOMED, or ICF.
Simpler Follow-Ups

Reporting and Follow-Ups

Linking care activities and care plans have the added benefit of creating a sound foundation for data collection. You can pull detailed reports so you’re always up to speed. Further, you can add reminders to any plan to make sure it’s always updated.