Risk Assessments - Sekoia

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are an integral part of the Care Planning process within the social care sector. However, it is quite a broad term with different interpretations that vary based on the care setting you work in and your service user group.

A few of the assessments that are ready to use in Sekoia

Bedrails Assessment

Abbey Pain Scale

Dependency Assessment

Cannard Falls Risk

Moving and Handling

MUST and Nutrition

Mental Health Assessments

Waterlow and Braden Scale

Wound Assessment

The most commonly used types of assessments

Severity and Likelihood index
Question and Answer-based

Example of how to use RESTORE2

Spot Deterioration Early

Tools like RESTORE2 can be mirrored into Sekoia perfectly. To quickly be filled out accordingly at the point of care. With all the information needed to do so. This allows you to track early warnings for deterioration.

At risk?

You'll be able to recognise when a resident may be deteriorating or at risk of physical deterioration. And if they do experience deterioration know how to escalate and contact the most appropriate health professional in a timely way to get the right support. All automatically logged with a concise escalation history to support a professional decision making.


Alongside RESTORE2, these assessments can be integrated into the care activities' list in Sekoia. Like any other activity concerning your residents. Everything is automatically logged and available for relevant members of staff. Likewise, vital signs such as respiratory rate, temperature, and pulse can be recorded directly in Sekoia.