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The admin is where you create all content on the tablets and smartphone.

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Gather reports

You can create reports over most things in Sekoia. During the day, loads of data is being collected. From the Sekoia Admin page, it’s easy to gather data and turn it into easily read reports. That’s useful for CQC inspections, adjustment of care delivery, or to coordinate better conditions for providing care.
Sekoia admin

Build content

Sekoia is built to be flexible. That means, that we won’t force you to adapt your way of working to the Sekoia system. Your workflow should be reflected in your digital care planning system. That’s why you can build your own forms and plans so they make sense in your context. We will be there to assist you, so you will be off to the best start possible.
Measurements in Sekoia administration

Make changes to the configuration

Not only does Sekoia’s flexibility extend to setting up forms and plans. It’s equally as straightforward to make changes. Life in care homes rarely stands still so you’ll need to update plans, forms and such frequently. Sekoia allows you to do so easily. So you can leave the old ways of working in the past.

Store relevant files about the resident

File handling in Sekoia

Safe handling of the resident's files and documents

Collect all documents and files about a resident in Sekoia. So they're not forgotten in a filing cabinet or another program on the PC. Files can be anything from the resident's life story to legal documents.