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"When I'm off, I'm off"

Nobody joins the care sector to do paperwork. That's why you can do your documentation at the point of care. And always be reminded of all care activities. So you spend more time with the residents and worry less about missing anything. And don't have to spend hours recording when your shift is up.

Record care on your tablet or phone

Make assessments with just a few clicks. Or use speech-to-text or regular text if that's what you prefer.

Never forget a care plan or activity

You will always get multiple reminders whenever a care plan is due for review or a care task is overdue.

Increase your time with the residents

Evidencing care will always be a thing in the sector. As it should be. We've just made it much easier to do.
"From doing something which originally took us five to ten minutes: Two minutes, and it’s done. And rather than being with paperwork, you’re with the resident”
Kate Pascual, Deputy Manager, Quinton House Nursing Home
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