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Quality & Compliance Managers

Sekoia sets the framework for quality and compliance. Using our industry-standard templates you'll always be compliant. We also make sure to gather and store that data securely. So you can make any detailed report afterwards and get that Outstanding rating.

Automatic audit trail

Every change is logged automatically in Sekoia. You always know who did what. And at what time they did it. You have a complete overview of how your service is doing.

Get notified

As a QA manager there are things you want to be notified of right away. You can set up notifications so you'll be instantly notified when someone misses their medication or a person has a fall.

All information in one place

Forget the days of searching everywhere for that little piece of paper with information. In Sekoia, everything is gathered in one place. And just a few seconds away.
“I can sleep at night knowing things are being done at the services. That’s the acid test for me. Being able to sleep at night. Sekoia has revolutionised our Quality Assurance processes.”
Virginia Fenton, Head of Quality, Active Prospects
Access all registrations easily

Do your audits from anywhere

Gone are the days where you'd have to physically gather paper from each home you're overseeing. In Sekoia, you can access all information pertinent to each home. No need for QA colleagues and managers to drive to services to check key records.

Receive notifications

Choose which assessments, care activities or event should trigger a notification or an e-mail. You can also specify who receives notifications so only relevant people will get notified.
Screenshot of care instructions and assessments interlinked

Industry-standard templates

Sekoia comes pre-loaded with the most commonly used assessments and forms. All based on which type of care service you are. There's also the ability to make the system completely bespoke to you if relevant. The choice is yours.
Fluid measurement in Sekoia

Shared responsibility

Keeping care plans up to date is essential to provide the best care possible. Sekoia prompts you to review care plans regularly (Monthly, quarterly, annually or custom). Employees can also prompt a review manually should it require so.
“Sekoia is peace of mind for me and security for our Registered Managers.”
Virginia Fenton, Head of Quality, Active Prospects

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The provider’s head of quality told us, “It is a way of ensuring people have as much choice and control as possible. It is a way of working; it is a way of thinking. Staff think and reflect about how people can be involved in managing their own care. It influences the culture about not being task-based but being person-centred” We found this to be the case during our inspection.
CQC report from Achieving Aspirations in 2022

When you rely on individuals rather than the system.

Records would be perfect until May. Then you review in September and say: “What happened in May?”. What it would be is that the manager or deputy left. That’s where it goes wrong.
Virginia Fenton, Head of Quality, Active Prospects