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As an owner, you can expect Sekoia to bring improved communication and quality in your home. And collect vital data about what's going on in your organisation. To make it more efficient.

Improved communication

At its core, Sekoia is created to provide you with a place for you to communicate more efficiently. Through more transparency and collaboration.

Outcome focused

Quality care is created by having the right information available at the right time. For better outcomes for the people you serve.

Lower administration costs

Reduce the time your staff spend at the back office. Document everything at the point of care with just a few clicks.
"It’s not only about the cost-saving. It’s about freeing up the staff, freeing up the nurses' working day, freeing up the carers to spend more time with the residents and their families."
Bill Mehta, Managing Director, Quinton House

Check out our Return on Investment (ROI) calculator. Leave your e-mail below to get the report. Or check out some success stories.

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“Sekoia has changed our clinical offer. I do not need to rely on staff calling me or giving me updates on individuals’ physical and mental health or behaviour. I can look on the dashboard and know immediately any urgent health care, hospital admission or behaviour chart has been entered.”
Lynsey Way, Clinical Director, Active Prospects

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