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People You Support

Sekoia is more than an app for care teams, and a care management system for providers. The people you support have their own app. Should they wish to engage with daily activities and notes to secure their inclusion and power person-led outcomes.

Visualise daily activities with video and images

Provide a more structured and predictable day

Allow residents to be active participants in their day

“Using something like Sekoia on a tablet means that the people we are supporting can actually participate in their own person-centred care. I have a gentleman who has grown his own vegetables, so he had great fun the other day taking photos of the produce on the tablet. And being able to show his family and friends what he’s doing. It’s real information, not just a photograph.”
Clair Davies, Operations Director and Registered Manager at Nexus Programme
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Save your pictures in the resident's app

The same system for residents and staff

Residents can get access to their own Sekoia profile. With their daily tasks and activities. In the same system the staff uses. If a resident marks an activity as completed it will automatically also show as completed for staff. An app for structure as an extension of the daily support staff provide.
Task list for residents in Sekoia

My daily activities and notes

As a resident, you can use Sekoia to keep track of your day. What you are supposed to do and what support you can access. All done with relevant descriptions, pictures, and videos. Use speech-to-text for activity descriptions and make your own registrations and notes. Such as taking a picture of the laundry, mark on a picture where you have cleaned, or inputting your weight.
Shared calendar between resident and staff

Shared calendar with staff

There’s also a calendar in the resident app. For everyday appointments such as the hairdressers and doctor’s appointments. Or get-togethers with friends as well as sign-ups for activities arranged by your home. Staff can also access the calendar, so they know when the resident is out. Relatives can also be invited.
How messaging works in the resident login Sekoia

Messages and Pictures

Residents can save pictures and message staff and relatives under the “My Page” tab. You can also add the resident’s plans here. Descriptions of how to do certain things and why they are done. For instance, a rehabilitation plan or a plan towards losing weight.