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Sekoia Guide

How did you create a new resident? Or make a change in the care plan? Instead of dusting off the old user manual, we’ve made an interactive guide. To help you find what you’re looking for.
Sekoias guide in admin

Live Guide

We don’t give out a traditional manual. We know how little they are used. Rather we use an electronic guide on our admin page. You'll find this in the lower-left corner by clicking the “Need help?”
Sekoias training guide in admin

E-Learning in Sekoia

We’re fully aware that the most important thing for any system is its users. Besides the guide, we’ve created a training course in Sekoia. As you complete the tasks you can see how far into the course you are.

The guide will always lead the way

"No matter what you would like to do in the administration, the guide can be activated to assist you in completing your task. It's very useful especially for our staff who is not working in the administration every day."
Julie, Deputy Manager