Help Centre

In case you’re looking for best practices or help, we have gathered it in our help centre. That's where we collect the best tips and tricks from across all our customers.

What's in the Help Centre?

Getting started with Sekoia


Getting started with digital care planning, it's good to know the ins and out. We’ve gathered what you need to know in the early implemention stages.
Best practice using Sekoia

Best practices

Transitioning to digital affects some of your routines and practices when recording care. We’ve described how Sekoia helps create a better working environment in your service.
Sekoia features

Feature videos

You can find in-depth information about all features in Sekoia. What to bear in mind before going ahead and lots of how to's.
Live chat with Sekoia


Sekoia Universe is the place to get support if you’re experiencing difficulties. Either through live chat, e-mail, or phone.

Your internal documents

Access any organisational documents like implementation plans or timelines. These documents are fully secure and only viewable for your organisation.