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Make your residential care home feel like home

The emphasise will always be on the "home" part in a residential care home. Catering to all residents' differences, preferences, and personalities. Likewise, Sekoia will not only help you with that. It can also be tweaked to fit your home's way of working.

Managing Care Activities

Make care and support tasks' descriptions as personalised and as detailed as you want.

Care plans

Using the plan feature, you're able to connect care activities to the overall care and support plans. So everyone knows the goal behind the work they do.


Share professional knowledge through video, picture, or text. Instructions provide guide staff in situations they might need it.

Assessments and Registrations

Make registrations at the point of care instead of going to the back office. In a few seconds. With all the latest best-practice templates to provide a solid foundation for your service. Also includes a unique audit trail for inspections and lessons learned.
“From the start, it was just easy to use, even for me as one of the older members of the team I can find my way around it! Even those staff members who were originally advocating a return to pen and paper are now fully on board.”
Julie Eagleton, Care Delivery Coordinator at Birtley House

Reporting Outcomes

Sekoia sets the framework for quality and compliance. Using our industry-standard templates you'll always be compliant. We also make sure to gather and store that data securely. So you can make any detailed report afterwards and get that Outstanding rating.

Automatic audit trail

Every change is logged automatically in Sekoia. You always know who did what. And at what time they did it. You have a complete overview of how your service is doing.

All information in one place

Forget the days of searching everywhere for that little piece of paper with information. In Sekoia, everything is gathered in one place. And just a few seconds away.

Get notified

As a manager or owner there are things you want to be notified of right away. You can set up notifications so you'll be instantly notified when someone misses their medication or a person has a fall.
“We are now generating a quality of care records that we never had before. It gives our staff the information they need quite literally in the palm of their hands.”
Tim Whalley, Director & Nominated Individual, Birtley House Residential & Nursing Home
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