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Replace your paper notes with a safer digital alternative

Make registrations at the point of care instead of going to the back office. You can evidence everything concerning the people you support.

Structured daily notes


Risk Assessments

Assessments can be used to

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Make quick registrations

When information is cumbersome to deliver there’s a greater risk of it being forgotten. It’s easy to register any relevant observation right at the point of care.
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Only relevant forms are shown

Documentation needs to be given in the correct context. That’s why only forms that are relevant to a specific resident will be shown.
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Get a better overview of any given period of time

Select any given period of time and get a quick overview of all registrations made. This can help your work become more data driven and make documentation more than just something you do for the CQC.
Working with Forms in Sekoia

Examples of what you can register in Sekoia

Fluid Intake
Keep track of how much fluid you offer. And how much is actually being consumed. Assessments is a perfect feature for that
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Are there any particular things that affect the resident’s mood? By regularly making observations new knowledge may appear.
Risk Assessments
When you are doing your risk assessments, Forms is an ideal feature to do so.
Epileptic Seizures
Should a resident suffer an epileptic seizure, it can be registered in just a few seconds. The form will only be available for residents with epilepsy .
For many residents exercise and mobility are goals. Register movement and work towards the goal alongside the resident.
Night Checks
Is the resident not sleeping well? Or require repositioning? Register your observations so night routines can be personalised to resident's individual patterns.
Bowel Movements
What do you need to be aware of? E.g. use the Bristol Scale and make observations to learn more about the resident.
Want to investigate a resident's recent behaviour? You can make notes and maybe discover patterns previously hidden.
Body Maps
Upload any type of picture and mark exactly where you made the injection. Or placed the pain relief patch. It's easy to both document and see past registrations.
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"From doing something which originally took us five to ten minutes: Two minutes, and it’s done. And rather than being with paperwork, you’re with the resident."
Kate Pascual, Deputy Manager, Quinton House Nursing Home, Kent