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From spreadsheets to operational insights

Obtain operational overview with Dashboards. Quality Assurance and compliance are made simple, transparent and effective. Monitor and report on any KPI relevant to your role.

Real-time overview

Optimise & improve your practice

Demonstrate compliance

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“I can choose people to track and look at every aspect of their day. This makes behaviour analysis much deeper and broader. With Sekoia as a tool, I have been able to intervene quickly, fact check and coach staff.”
Lynsey Way, Clinical Director, Active Prospects

Drilldown for the deep dive information

Drilldown into any dashboard to find more information. To pair operational insights with qualitative findings.

Check the daily status in seconds

Are we running behind schedule? Or do we have time to sit and chat with the people we support? It might take a while for staff starting their shift to gauge that. Not anymore with the introduction of dashboards. Access a real-time overview of activities and plans to see if things are being handled on time.

See changes in resident status

One of the first things staff do when they start a shift is confirm any changes of resident status. How anyone been admitted to hospital? Any planned absences? Before staff had to find someone to ask to obtain that information. Now, they can simply press a button on their phone and access the information.

View breakdown of time spent by profession

How many staff members do you need in a day? What about nurses? With Sekoia dashboards you can see exactly how many activities you have during the day. And how long they take. Making it easier to optimise for temp staff and general operational efficiency.
"You know where to access the paperwork. You don’t have to go to different places to find them, and everything is clear. Information sharing is a lot better and there’s an audit trail."
Kate Pascual, Deputy Manager, Quinton House Nursing Home