We know data security and availability are important factors when considering a care planning system. Likewise, we take it very seriously. Here, you can read more about what we do to keep your data safe.

Why pay attention to data?

A regular care home of 40 residents will make an average of 700 registrations in Sekoia. Every day. In a care home group of 5 care homes, that comes out as nearly 1.3 million registrations a year. Why not leverage that data?
Roles & Rights
In Sekoia, every user is assigned a role. With varying rights. That means you can log-in and access data everywhere. Sekoia also creates a log of which users make changes in the system.
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All data is encrypted so only authorised people can access it. We have a Data Processing Agreement that ensures all data is handled the safest way possible.
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99.97 % Uptime
A major concern when going digital is the fear of the system being offline. We’re monitoring the system 24/7 and have no service windows. That’s why Sekoia has an uptime of 99.97 %.
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