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Plan your day according to the residents' needs

Coordinate the delivery of every resident’s care plan for improved quality in care delivery, evidence, and compliance.



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Tasks in Sekoia

Care activities in Sekoia

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Complete, move, or cancel tasks

Tick tasks off as they are completed. If needed you can also cancel or move the task to a later time. Sekoia registers everything. Later, you can create a report containing all the data.
Filter your tasks

Filter based on professions or task types

As an employee, all types of tasks might not be equally relevant. In Sekoia, you can filter tasks based on roles and rights. You can also filter on task type e.g. only showing medicine-related tasks.
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Task descriptions

You can add a description to every task you create in Sekoia. Here, you can specify exactly how a task should be completed. That makes care delivery consistent. No matter who is doing it.
Easily create a new task

Create tasks

In care, it’s rare to have a day go exactly as planned. That’s why you can easily create additional tasks so you can document that extra call to the G.P. or 1:1 activity

We don’t have to search through paperwork anymore for residents’ care plans. All staff can easily access them. It details everything about the individual, their history and their interests and habits; allowing us to tailor care to the individual.

Helen Peach, Registered Manager, Aldbourne Nursing Home

Be centred around the people you support

Screenshot of care instructions and assessments interlinked

Context is crucial

Care instructions only make sense if they are easily available in the context they are needed. No one wants to read an instruction on how to set breakfast when they are trying to do mobility exercises. On the other hand, the correct instructions in the correct context improve residents’ safety. And conditions for the staff. Since instructions showing exactly how to carry out complicated care activities.

Automatic registrations at the point of care

Consistently registering assessments is pretty rare. Mostly because it’s such a hassle to do them. Not when they are linked directly with the task you are doing. The assessment can be done with a few clicks with your finger. And it’s even possible to make assessments mandatory before you can mark a care activity as complete. That way, you can use the feature to collect data with much greater accuracy than before.

When it all comes together

When you link the correct instructions and assessments to a particular care activity, things really start to come together. All centred around the people you support. An example could be a resident’s mobility exercises. Typically, the instruction is made by a physio. It would make sense to then register how the resident is getting on with the exercises. How are they doing them? Are they doing all the exercises or get stuck at some point? Here, the link between care activities and assessments is particularly useful.
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Delegate specialised tasks to specific personnel

Certain care activities require an added layer of responsibility. Based on specific skills, training and qualifications. By highlighting, through prominently visible warnings in red, only the staff with the correct delegation may carry out this task. These warnings are only visible to staff who do not hold the correct delegation tag to deliver that support.