Plan your day according to the residents' needs

Coordinate the delivery of every resident’s care plan for improved quality in care delivery, evidence, and compliance.



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Care activities in Sekoia

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Complete, move, or cancel tasks

Tick tasks off as they are completed. If needed you can also cancel or move the task to a later time. Sekoia registers everything. Later, you can create a report containing all the data.
Filter your tasks

Filter based on professions or task types

As an employee, all types of tasks might not be equally relevant. In Sekoia, you can filter tasks based on roles and rights. You can also filter on task type e.g. only showing medicine-related tasks.
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Task descriptions

You can add a description to every task you create in Sekoia. Here, you can specify exactly how a task should be completed. That makes care delivery consistent. No matter who is doing it.
Easily create a new task

Create tasks

In care, it’s rare to have a day go exactly as planned. That’s why you can easily create additional tasks so you can document that extra call to the G.P. or 1:1 activity
"Previously, each member of staff was using a lot of time on their care notes. Other things were entered on a computer, so we had to look in several different places. Now all our recordings are gathered in one place. Things have a much better structure now."
Anna Cunningham, Proprietor & Manager Halden Heights Care Community, Kent
Tasks in Sekoia