Share Professional Insights and Knowledge with Instructions - Sekoia

Instructions show how to complete certain activities

Share knowledge through video, picture, or text. Instructions provide guidance to staff in situations they might need it. Making it safer for residents and staff.

Visual Care Planning

Staff Training tool

Access to Professional knowledge

We don’t have to search through paperwork anymore for residents’ care plans. All staff can easily access them. It details everything about the individual, their history and their interests and habits; allowing us to tailor care to the individual.

Helen Peach, Registered Manager, Aldbourne Nursing Home

Instructions in Sekoia

Upload pictures, video, or PDF files

You can upload instructions in various formats. That maximises the chances that the instructions are actually being used. It’s a useful place to put necessary information about how to do care activities.
Tablet showing instructions

Individual or generic instructions

By default, instructions are individual. So it's as person centred as possible. However, it's possible to upload generic instructions for all residents if needed.
Share professional knowledge

Higher quality and professionalism

Having picture and video instructions at hand right where you need them makes the Instruction feature useful across all roles. Everyone knows show to do a task. Including temp workers or new hires. Well-made instructions make everyone better.
"Instructions and guidelines are much more visible and easier to understand. Just flick through 10 pictures instead of reading detailed outlines. It’s much better to use pictures and video."
Karen Louise Frandsen, Care Assistant
“Care records included clear instructions for staff on what to do in order to reduce risks associated with people’s care. For example, where a person had issues with their skin, there was information on which soap to use specifically for the person’s skin. Where a person was living with epilepsy, there was detailed information on how the person may present in the build up to a seizure and the steps staff should follow to reduce the risk of injury.”
CQC report from Achieving Aspirations in 2022
Video of instructions in Sekoia