Monitor health trends at the point of care - Sekoia

Register health measurements at the point of care instead of in the back office

Save time and post-it notes by doing registrations at the point of care with the resident
Measurements on a tablet

Get an easy overview of measurements done for each resident

Using Measurements, it’s easy to get an overview of measurements for each resident. Staff can have a chat with the residents about the measurements and how they think it’s going.
Quick view of measurements

Track the progression over time

Often, you would want to keep track of something through a certain period of time. It’s easy to do so in our graph view. Likewise, all measurements can be done from all different kinds of screens, tablets, and phones.
View recordings as far back as you want

View past recordings

Choose any time period you’d like, and all measurements will show up in a list form. Should you make a wrong registration, you can easily delete it. The measurement won’t be completely erased but can be seen from the Sekoia admin, should you want that.
List form of measurements

Choose between daily, weekly, or monthly views

You can go as far back as 3 years and view historical data. These can be downloaded as e.g. PDF-files.
“I have been able to identify health conditions that the services were not aware of by taking a deep dive into Sekoia. I have been able to prevent crises in mental health and behaviour from occurring because I was aware of people’s situations change. Sekoia has enabled me to be more effective in reaching all our people when they needed my support.”
Lynsey Way, Clinical Director, Active Prospects
"The biggest difference from before we had Sekoia to now is the focus on data. We are able to collect much more data than we used to before since all documentation is done at the point of care. It’s made our daily lives much easier."
Soren Lytzau, Care Consultant

Registration of fluids

Quick and easy. Sekoia automatically tracks the fluids you offer and the fluids that are consumed. In a graph format. It's easy to set a fluid target for a resident and keep track of it.
Video of Measurements in Sekoia

Register the following health measurements in Sekoia

Blood sugar levels


Pulse and blood pressure

Respiratory rate