From 30,000 Pieces of Paper to Digital Care Planning

Quinton House is a nursing home near Stratford upon Avon. Here, the staff work hard to ensure residents are cared for to a high standard. In order to support their staff the best way possible, they chose Sekoia as their partner in crime.
Group picture from Quinton House
It’s not all about the cost-saving. It’s about freeing up the staff, freeing up the nurses' working day, freeing up the carers to spend more time with the residents and their families.
Bill Mehta, Managing Director, Quinton House

From 30,000 sheets of paper to digital care planning

By using Sekoia, care workers are now able to access relevant information quicker and more easily – and all information is located in the same place. Everyone has their own login, and Sekoia automatically logs everything you do. This information is assessable to all staff giving the best prerequisites for providing even better care.

“You know where to access the paperwork. You don’t have to go to different places to find them, and everything is clear. Everything is legible, so information sharing is a lot better and there’s an audit trail. Everything is time-stamped, so it is clear on when it’s done giving the staff, and myself especially a more definite target on what to do throughout the day,” Deputy Manager, Kate Pascual explains.

Spending time with the residents vs at the office

For Quinton House, the decision to implement Sekoia was based on a number of factors. Printing 30,000 sheets of paper each month, the equivalent of 2-3 trees and roughly £1000, is not cost-efficient and the large amount of paperwork was a real burden to the staff.

“From doing something which originally took us five to ten minutes: Two minutes, and it’s done. And rather than being with paperwork, you’re with the resident”,  Kate mentions.

Quinton House estimate that they save 1.5 hours per care assistant per shift.

This new and improved way of working has resulted in a significant decrease in the sheets of paper used on a monthly basis. Managing Director, Bill Mehta elaborates:

“It’s not all about the cost-saving it’s about freeing up the staff, freeing up the nurses’ working day, freeing up the carers to spend more time with the residents and their families.”

Key facts from Quinton House

Quinton House estimates a time-saving of 1.5 hours per care assistant per shift using Sekoia
Sekoia is used by all staff in the home: Care assistants, nurses, and managers
Quinton House has been using Sekoia since October 2017