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How good is our leadership

Leaders chart the course for any organisation. Here's how we help your organisation be the best leaders you can be.
Access Management Info

Access management information from anywhere

Sekoia provides access to reports and management information that clearly outline the level of care being provided within your organisation. It's accessible from any location in the world. Vital information that demarcates where a service is exceptional and, more importantly, where its key areas for improvement are.
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Closely track what is being done at your service

The ability to better observe work practices over time and categorise information in flexible formats proves extremely beneficial. It can be used at Staff Meetings, One-to-One Supervisions, and Staff Training days. Management is better equipped to ascertain that competent staff is delivering the desired care to the resident. At the time it's needed. All these factors ensure that a service is led well from the top. No doubt leading to excellent outcomes.
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Aggregate observations about the service user for better future care

High-quality holistic care includes health care, behavioural support, mental stimulation, engagement through activities etc. Concerning Healthcare services, Sekoia ensures all health data and observations relevant to a specific service user are recorded. This information is used effectively in future planning of care so that it can consistently be made better, as it is based on the principle of pre-emptive care.
Measurements in Sekoia

Use health recordings etc. to inform future planning

Records of health vitals and medical appointments are also kept up to date. Any other patterns that may be observed to do with behaviour, diet, family contact, activities etc. are all noted where relevant. To ensure that well-rounded support in all aspects of daily living may be provided to the service user.
Sekoia administration

Sekoia is centered around the service user

Sekoia has been created in a way that places the service user at the centre of the system. It then branches out to the people that are involved with the service user in various capacities. This includes the care staff and management, the family/relatives, activity co-ordinators, medical practitioners etc. It has the flexibility to accommodate as many people as are pertinent to delivering the highest quality of care to the resident.