How good is our staff team - Sekoia

How good is our staff team

Having competent staff is something every service should expect. However, to get that it requires proper training and guidance. Sekoia can help with that.
Tablet showing instructions

Specialised knowledge at the tip of your fingers

Sekoia makes it easy to share knowledge through video, picture, or text. IIT provide guidance to staff in situations they might need it. Making it safer for residents and staff. And it’s all right at the point of care
Filter your tasks

Filter based on professions or activity types

As an employee, all types of tasks might not be relevant. In Sekoia, you can filter tasks based on roles and rights. You can also filter on task type e.g. only showing medicine-related tasks.
"I have had so much great feedback from staff who have used the system in the last 2 days and they already feel it is having a positive impact on the residents and themselves."
Gemma Broth, Registered Manager