How Sekoia makes you more responsive - Sekoia

How Sekoia makes you more responsive

It's defined as how services organise so they meet residents' needs. Sekoia tailor all care activities around the resident. To ensure person-centred care and not simply in keeping with the staff’s routine.

Better equip staff to provide care

Instructions create a medium of pictures and videos. They work as a guide so staff are furnished with the tools to deliver and receive care of a proficient level. Making it more efficient and responsive.

Share the duty of care

Provide staff with a bird’s eye view of not only the resident they are attending to but all others. This is to ensure that all staff take collective responsibility for the work that they carry out within the home. To share the duty of care.

Never misplace a recording

Sekoia is a cloud-based software. This means that any data recorded about a service user may never be lost or misplaced. Whenever there is a need to retrieve this data and make it available in a systematic format, it will be possible to do so.