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How Sekoia helps you become safe

The CQC defines safe as being protected from abuse and avoidable harm. Sekoia makes all care plans and risk assessments available to all staff where they are delivering care. We also make it easy to review plans through evaluation logs and all changes are noted.
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Track any deviations

Record any deviations you notice when doing normal care activities. For example, if a staff member observes anything unusual to do with behaviour, medication, or fluid intake. Anything untoward can be immediately recorded. This creates a clear and transparent system where you may notice patterns very early. Based on that preventive measures can be put in place.
Sekoia Report

Delegate staff based on care needs

Through reporting, it's easy for management to gauge the work that needs to be carried out across the organisation. And delegate staff accordingly.

Medication Management

Medication is a pertinent aspect of a service user’s well-being and safety. You can create Medicine tasks where you can add a description. You can tailor the descriptions to include any information you need in the administration of medication.

Make sure all care activities are done safely

When there are activities that require specific instructions e.g. physio exercises, it can easily be visualised in Sekoia. Either through pictures or video.