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DSCR funding: How to get funding for Digital Care Planning from your local ICS

The NHS Transformation Directorate has created a pool of £25 million that is available to Integrated Care Systems (ICSs). The funds are earmarked to help support any CQC registered social care provider embrace technology, particularly:

  • The introduction of digital social care records (DSCR) also called digital care plans.
  • Sensor-based falls prevention
  • Testing other promising care technologies

Which region are you in?

The ICSs are divided into regions and might not all provide funding for the same technologies. However, all ICSs provide funding for the adaptation of digital social care records.

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How much funding can you get for adopting DSCR?

The exact amount is different depending on your local ICS. Some offer to cover the full implementation and others up to a certain amount. Follow the links above to get a complete picture of how much funding your organisation might be eligible for.

What do I need before I apply for funding from my local ICS?

There are comprehensive instructions on the ICS websites, but you need to have a clear idea of how big of an investment is needed. That means getting an exact quote from your DSCR supplier. Be sure to include other costs such as procurement of devices, WIFI, and implementation.

Choosing a DSCR supplier

To help you choose amongst the suppliers of digital care planning, NHS England has published an assured supplier list. A list we are proud to be on.

All suppliers listed here offer core features for social care and comply with national standards. Which helps secure ICS funding.

You can find the list of suppliers here: List of approved suppliers

Looking ahead into 2023

2023 shapes up to be a pivotal year for health and social care. The result of persistent underfunding is starting to show. Media narratives are quick to shift blame – as are the politicians responsible for the underfunding.

Dr Jane Brightman, Assistant Director of Programmes – System Reform, NHS Transformation Directorate has given her outlook on 2023 in a blog post. Even though the headwinds are strong right now, it is evident that the push towards going digital is still happening. Underlined by this quote:

“Our primary commitment is for 80% of care providers to have a digital care plan in place. The benefits include improved communication and sharing of data between services and time-saving.”

You can read the blog post here: A look ahead in 2023 – Digitising Social Care