PCWW22 Debate about digital and working environments - Sekoia

PCWW ’22: Debate – Increasing Digital Environments and Impact on the Workforce


The guests:

Richard Weir – Log My Care

Taffy Gatawa – EveryLife Technologies

Nick Shah – CareLineLive

Dr. Charles Armitage – Florence

Morten touch upon the following questions with the guests:

  • How can digital be an enabler?
  • What are the concerns about digital?
  • How can systems contribute to deliver care?
  • Are these softwares really user friendly and easy to use?
  • What can we learn from Netflix?
  • What is the famous Dutch model about?
  • On a scale of 1-10 how would you rank digital social care?
  • What about the alerts and notifications, is it too noisy?
  • How can tech suppliers continue the development of their systems?
  • What about artificial intelligence (AI) in the sector?

The debate is available here: