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The Caring View: How can Digital Technology Improve Care?

One of our co-founders, Morten, who is also our CMO, was invited to the brilliant “The Caring View” show, hosted by Adam Purnell and Mark Topps. For this episode, their focus was on How can technology improve care?
New central policies are aiming for care providers to be digital by 2025. Currently, 45% describe themselves as fully digital, which means there is still some work to do.
How do care providers deal with overwhelming paperwork and duplicate recordings? How do we minimise the hours spent on administration? How do we free up the care teams to oversee the more important parts of their job?
These are some of the questions Katie, Sangha, and Morten touch upon in the episode. As well as sharing some tips care providers can use to choose which suppliers are right for them.
Personalisation was also a key topic. We use personalised apps daily – think Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook. Why don’t we see more of that in the care sector?
The show is available here: