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Webinar: Operational insights at your fingertip

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From spreadsheets to operational insights

Real-time overview

Optimise & improve your practice

Demonstrate compliance

It all begins with a webinar

On December 7th, we’re inviting you to take part in a short webinar showcasing some of the situations in which dashboards are helpful. From tracking falls and UTIs to planned absences and hospitalisations. Or obtaining a better overview of the work load for your service and different professions.

Dashboards is a “give me this, show me that” kind of feature build on top of the care planning app, so all your documentation and notes generate the operational overviews long needed 📊

Why join?

Are you looking to understand how digital can influence the ease of reporting and oversight, this should be of interest. No matter what role you have, if it involves any kind of managerial responsibility, you’re likely to require data to carry out your reporting duties. This is what we aim to provide you with.

Attend live or receive the recording

Are you free to join us live, the webinar is held online on December 7th from 11.30AM to Noon. If not, sign up anyway and we’ll share the recording with you. A Q&A session is planned at the end, so join us live to ask any pending questions.

"You know where to access the paperwork. You don’t have to go to different places to find them, and everything is clear. Information sharing is a lot better and there’s an audit trail."
Kate Pascual, Deputy Manager, Quinton House Nursing Home