How well do we support people's wellbeing? - Sekoia

How well do we support people's wellbeing?

Life doesn't stop when you move into a care home. Service users need to get the most out of their lives. Here's how we help with that.
Resident-centric task descriptions

Bespoke care activity descriptions

Care activity descriptions and plans are written from the perspective of the service user. It serves as a reminder to everyone that care must be provided with a focus on the service user’s consent, needs, preferences, and choices.
Clearly state the resident's level of indepedence in relation to an activity

Focus on residents' independence and dignity

The service-user’s choices and preferences are at the forefront when creating care tasks and their descriptions. The descriptions also take into account the level of independence that a service-user can exercise. So they are only assisted when required. These features help protect a service-user’s privacy and dignity as focus points for the organisation.
Reminder to regularly review care plans

Never forget a care plan review

Providing care is not a static activity. Sekoia reminds you to review care tasks and plans periodically. To make sure any change in needs is taken into account. And daily tasks and routines for the service-user are updated accordingly. So people are getting the right service for them.
Complete transparency of e.g. DNAR and End of life plans

Complete transparency with DNAR and End of Life Plans

All staff members should be aware of the service-user’s choice in how they wish to be treated. Especially towards the end of their life. Sekoia ensures that End of Life plans are made available and choices related to DNAR’s etc. are able to be recorded and reviewed.