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How Sekoia makes you more effective

By effective, the CQC looks at whether your care, treatment and support achieves good outcomes, helps you to maintain quality of life. And based on the best available evidence.

How we help your service become more effective

Quick view of measurements

Keep track of relevant information

Sekoia records all health data and observations relevant to a specific service-user. You can use this information in future planning of care so it can improve consistently. As it's based on the principle of pre-emptive care. Records of health vitals and medical appointments are also kept up to date. Any other patterns you can observe to do with behaviour, diet, family contact etc. are all noted where relevant. To ensure well-rounded support in all aspects of daily living.
Filter your tasks

Designed care activities based on roles

Sekoia makes all information required to deliver care available at the point of care itself. To ensure best practice care. Also, we designate that all tasks to staff based on qualifications and role. E.g. You can sort your care activities to only view medicine-related activities or activities requiring more than one person. This ensures an effective work routine allowing for timely completion of all care duties by staff.
Simpler Follow-Ups

More transparency and effectiveness

Legislation, such as the Mental Capacity Act and the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, are available at the point of care. It's visible so you don't have to run to the back office to access the information. You can also record all DoLS requested to allow for a transparent system that reflects service users consent. In line with relevant legislation and guidance. All this done right at the point of care creating a more effective and efficient way of working.