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Dispelling the myths of care homes

Care Home Open Week 2023

Care Home Open Week is a showcase of thousands of care homes across the country exhibiting their impressive facilities, exciting activities, and diverse career paths they offer. With a packed agenda communities are encouraged to engage with care home residents and the exceptional care professionals that care for them.

Key points of the event

From the 26th of June to the 2nd of July
The inaugural ‘Great British Care Cycle Relay’ will travel from the North to the South, visiting care homes along the way
More than 4000 care homes across the UK
2 standout events

"Care Home Open Week is about maximising everybody’s understanding of care homes, residents and care professionals; why they matter and play an important part in every community. To me, this is what it is about: Opening that door and getting a glimpse of magnificent work and life in care homes."

Morten Mathiesen, CMO of Sekoia

So, what is it about actually?

The purpose of this event is to connect communities essentially. Care homes, staff members, residents and locals.

It’s a good possibility for care homes to show what they can offer. Their facilities, activities and services. Also, it’s about showcasing career opportunities in care. It’s a chance for care homes to have greater community engagement and volunteering.

Last, but not least, it’s an appreciation for all the professionals for their amazing work in the care sector. They go above and beyond to improve residents’ well-being every day.

Last year’s event

The 2022 event received record engagement from care homes and MPs. 2,400 care homes took part and 105 MPs and ministers attended a local care home during the week, including Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice and Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab. The success of the initiative also led to a significant increase in engagement from the community which was reported by 65% of participating care homes.

We had the chance to ask Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, about the event last year. He was our guest on the Tech Care podcast and shared a few insights with us. We talked to him about Care Home Open Week and what it means to care homes and society in general to bridge the gap between those that know ‘care’ and those that don’t.

“Opening our doors, getting people to understand what goes on in care and showing people the complexity, but also the joy and reward of the work is another way of really giving people an opportunity to say, this might be a job for me, this might be a career that I want to develop.”
Professor Martin Green

Listen to the episode with Professor Martin Green on the Tech Care podcast to hear more about the Care Home Open Week. He’s also shared his thoughts on the workforce crises and the importance of collaborations between suppliers and providers.


Don’t miss out!

Register your organisation or care home with Care Home Open Week 2023 now! To read more about the event and the details visit Championing Social Care’s website. You can also follow them on social media sites and find them under #CHOW!