Martin Farrow: "There is no quick fix" | Tech Care EP. 7 - Sekoia

Martin Farrow: “There is no quick fix” | Tech Care EP. 7

Interview with Marton Farrow

Martin Farrow joined us for the 7th episode of Tech Care!

Martin Farrow is a real social care trooper. As passionate and enthusiastic as in his first days in the sector, or even more! Martin is an associate director at RedQuadrant to support local authorities and the NHS, and the chairman of SHC. A recently published author of his book called “The 3Ds: Leadership and the PI people” which is a reflection of his career in social care.

In this episode, he shares some of that story and challenges some of our inherent beliefs. Who’s actually social care’s “customer” and what can technology offer? What is the difference between transformation and a quick fix? If you like what you hear, do subscribe and don’t be afraid to send us feedback! Tech Care!

Martin’s book: The 3Ds: Leadership and PI people: Reflections on a career in care: