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Jasmeet Rai & Adam Hutchinson: What do care providers think about technology? | Tech Care EP. 6

Interview with Adam Hutchison and Jasmeet Rai

We are joined by Adam Hutchison and Jasmeet Rai for our 6th episode!

Both of our guests are experienced care providers and have a lot to say about the digital journey for a care home company. Jasmeet Rai is an Associate Director of RCH Care Homes and Adam Hutchison is the founder and CEO of Belmont Healthcare. Both are well-versed in social care matters, having experienced the challenges of rising costs, workforce issues and a lot more in these pandemic years.

In this episode, we talk to them about the changes happening right now in the sector, and certainly about their experiences forming a strategy for, and delivering on, outcomes. They are both into new technologies, and know from previous and current roles, how digital and tech can help streamline businesses.

On your toes, if you’re a supplier listening in. Adam and Jasmeet both share thoughts about customer support and what it would take to convince them. Or put them off. Great pieces of advice to get here.

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The book: Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez