How well is our care and support planned? - Sekoia

How well is our care and support planned?

Great planning sets the conditions for excellent care. It provides the foundation for you and your organisation to do what you do best.
Resident-centric task descriptions

Resident-centric care activity descriptions

Care activity descriptions and plans are written from the perspective of the service user. It serves as a reminder that care should have a focus on the service user’s consent, needs, preferences, and choices.
Reminder to regularly review care plans

Never forget a care plan review

Providing care is not a static activity. Sekoia reminds you to review care tasks and plans. To make sure they are always reflecting reality. And daily tasks and routines for the service-user are updated accordingly.
Clearly state the resident's level of indepedence in relation to an activity

Sekoia is centred around the service user

Sekoia is created in a way that places the service user at the centre of the system. It then branches out to the people that are involved with the service user in various capacities. Including the care staff and management, the family/relatives, activity co-ordinators, medical practitioners. It has the flexibility to accommodate as many people as are pertinent to delivering the highest quality of care to the resident.