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Emma Harding: How tech is supporting self-employed carers | Tech Care S2 E3

Interview with Emma Harding

In this episode, we’re joined by Emma Harding!

Emma is the perfect example when it comes to entrepreneur newcomers in social care. Having worked within the sector for nearly 20 years, she’s found just the niche for herself to explore, and to set up her own business.

5 years ago Emma decided to continue her path as a self-employed carer. Discovering all the pains and gains connected to this role, incl. the never ending paper work and business administration.  And just like that, the concept of Pocket Carer was born.

Listen in to understand what it’s like to be a self employed carer. And what Emma has faced setting up her business, as she never intended to found a software company, but just wanted to make self-employed carers’ lives easier.

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