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Francisco Florez-Revuelta: Good brother or big brother? | Tech Care S3 E6

Interview with Francisco Florez-Revuelta

Francisco Florez-Revuelta joined us for the 6th episode of Season 3!

Francisco joined us straight from the sunny Alicante, Spain. He is a professor of computer vision and technologies for active and healthy ageing at the University there. Francisco has more than 25 years of experience with computational intelligence and vision.

In today’s episode, we’ve discussed the legal and ethical challenges of video monitoring and surveillance with Francisco. He also shared his insights on cultural differences in monitoring approaches between Mediterranean countries and the UK. Our conversation covered the CQC’s report on surveillance and its potential benefits for care homes. Francisco also told us about a Pan-European project that he is working on with 200 other experts from 40 countries.

Francisco shares his prediction for 2023 regarding video monitoring and also asks an unusual question for next week’s guest.

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