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Hossein Sharifi: Provider gone supplier | Tech Care S3 E10

Interview with Hossein Sharifi

Hossein Sharifi joined us for the 10th and also the final episode of Season 3!

Hold on, Hossein has more than 20 years care sector experience and is currently both the director of Careberry and Care & Carers. So, we arranged to meet him to hear more about his double role as both a supplier and a provider to social care.

In this episode, Hossein tells us about his recent Topol fellowship, what this means and how others could also benefit from this programme now being open for social care interests. Hossein also shares his main concerns and the challenges he experiences in dom care, besides the main differences compared to care homes from a tech point of view.

Tune in for Hossein’s answer to our previous guest’s question and for his prediction for 2023!

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Careberry: https://mycareberry.com/ 

Care & Carers: https://www.careandcarers.com/ 

Topol Digital Fellowship by the NHS: https://topol.hee.nhs.uk/digital-fellowships/